Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2011 ICPSR Summer Program

The 2011 ICPSR Summer Program is now history. And, it was a great success! Our first five-day workshop began on June 6 and our last five-day workshops ended on August 19. The two four-week sessions ran from June 20 through July 15, and from July 18 through August 12.

  • The 2011 ICPSR Summer Program had a record-shattering total of 890 participants.
  • Our faculty consisted of 84 instructors and 43 teaching assistants.
  • We offered a total of 65 courses on a wide variety of methodological and substantive topics.
  • The Hubert M. Blalock Lecture Series presented 12 sets of lectures on advanced statistical methods and on various issues in professional development.

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