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Statement from ICPSR Director Margaret Levenstein

January 15, 2018
ICPSR is strongly committed to an inclusive Summer Program that encourages learning and professional collaboration. The Summer Program has trained generations of diverse social scientists. I am extremely proud of the positive contributions the Summer Program has made to the careers of thousands of female social scientists. Behavior that undermines the participation and growth of women, people of color, or other marginalized or underrepresented groups undermines scholarly research and intellectual exchange, and will not be tolerated by ICPSR and its Summer Program. ICPSR is committed to the highest standards of professional conduct and to due process and fairness to individuals.

Margaret C. Levenstein
Director, ICPSR

Letter from the Summer Program Director

The 2018 ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research is offering over 80 courses on a broad range of methodologies and techniques that are relevant for research in the social, behavioral, and health sciences.

Courses in the 2018 ICPSR Summer Program are broken down into two formats: Those offered during the four-week sessions and those offered as short workshops. 

Four-week Sessions. We will offer two four-week sessions in Ann Arbor, Michigan on the University of Michigan campus. The first four-week session runs from June 25 to July 20, 2018; the second four-week session from July 23 to August 17, 2018. Participants can register for one or both of these sessions. Registration in a four-week session enables you to take any of the workshops and lectures offered during that session. These courses provide introductory, intermediate, and advanced instruction in almost every area of methodology. Our workshops range from those covering basic skills (e.g., “Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis”) to those focused on cutting-edge topics (e.g., “Advanced Bayesian Modeling”), with plenty of others in between (e.g., “Regression Analysis: Linear Models,” “Network Analysis,” and “Time Series Analysis.”). This summer, we are also offering two new workshops in the four-week sessions: “Social Choice Theory” and “Meta Analysis.” In addition, there is an evening lecture series open to all four-week participants that covers various analytical tools and professional socialization topics.

Short Workshops. The 2018 Summer Program will also offer over 40 “stand-alone” two- to five-day workshops. These are intensive sessions held in Ann Arbor, and other locations in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The short workshops start in early May and run through mid-August. The short workshops are further subdivided into two sets: Statistical workshops and substantive workshops. This summer, the short statistical workshops will cover a broad range of quantitative and qualitative topics, including Bayesian analysis, network analysis, machine learning techniques, structural equation models, hierarchical models, longitudinal analysis, process tracing, qualitative comparative analysis, and mixed methods.  The short substantive workshops in 2018 will cover topics like, “Secondary Data Analysis and the National Addiction and HIV Data Archive Program (NAHDAP), “Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) Data User Workshop,” and “Data Curation for Disability and Rehabilitation Outcomes Research.”

Please check out the 2018 ICPSR Summer Program schedule for a complete listing of this year’s courses in both the four-week sessions and the short workshops. If you have any questions or would like to be added to our mailing list for updates about the 2018 Summer Program, send an email to We also invite you to watch this recorded webinar introducing the Summer Program, our courses, scholarships, and visitor information about Ann Arbor. And of course, feel free to contact the ICPSR Summer Program directly.

We know you will find the ICPSR Summer Program to be a tremendous experience, providing unparalleled methodological training in a one-of-a-kind professional instructional environment. We hope you will join us this summer!


Saundra K. Schneider
Director, ICPSR Summer Program

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